Our Mission is to Drive Passion with Real Contributions
from Shaping Ideas to Building Space Rockets.
Meet the Core
Ishan Sharma, Chief Executive Officer linkedin+91 8056287273
Daniel Nath, Chief Business Officer linkedin+91 9962645617
Shashank Shekhar, Chief Marketing Officer linkedin+91 9176827699
Saurabh Garg, Chief Technology Officer linkedin+91 9176045170
Coming Soon : Private Moonshots for $7/user/mo
so you can build Secure Projects with your Team
and launch it to Public when you wish.
  • What is a Moonshot ?
  • Moonshot is a Project started by you to show what you are working on. People can contribute to your Project and you can see it grow in front of your eyes. Show your Progress to People and Build Real Time Things.
  • Who is a Collaborator ?
  • A Collaborator is a contributor to a Project. Work on your Passion by contributing it to real time projects and grow your knowledge with the community. Show your Contributions to People and Help Build Real Time Things.
  • How many Moonshots can I Launch ?
  • You can launch Unlimited Number of Public Moonshots.
  • Can we change our basic details ?
  • You can add/update details once you Sign up. The Option to Edit in Profile is coming soon.
  • Is there a deadline I have to meet when I run Moonshots ?
  • There are no Deadlines. Though, you can always check the Status to Completed once the Moonshot gets completed.
  • How many collaborators can I add per Moonshot ?
  • There are no Limits to add Collaborators for Public Moonshots. Only a Admin can add Collaborators and Set Privileges.
  • Does the collaborator get to edit Moonshot related content ?
  • A Collaborator can Post Shots and Discuss with the team, but cannot Update the Contents of a Moonshot. Only an Admin has those Rights.
  • Can a collaborator be removed from a Moonshot?
  • An admin Cannot remove a Collaborator if the Collaborator has Contributed one or more Shots.
  • Can I remove a Moonshot ?
  • You cannot Remove a Moonshot as of now. Functionality coming soon.
  • Facing a Trouble ? Get in touch at ishansan@humanfox.com or Call us at +91 8056287273. We are available 24/7 and will answer your Query within 20 minutes.